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Weather on Catalina Island – Avalon, CA

Current Weather Updates:

Monday, January 23, 2017:


Due to adverse conditions mid-channel we have canceled the following departures:

The Landing to Avalon 5:45 pm

Avalon to The Landing 7:30 pm

Sunday, January 22, 2017: 

Hotel offers for guests unable to leave the island due to cancellations are listed below:
Hotel Metropole
$99 + tax standard rooms
Aurora Hotel & Spa
$99 +tax standard rooms
Catalina Island Inn
$75 + tax queen rooms, 1/2 off plus $20 discount on all other rooms
Catalina Island Vacation Rentals
50% off
Hermosa Hotel & Cottages
$50 + tax standard rooms
Hotel Catalina & Courtyard Garden Suites
$85 + tax standard roomsSeaport Village Inn
$59+ tax standard rooms
La Paloma Las Flores
$80 + tax standard rooms
Holiday Inn Catalina Island
$89 + tax standard rooms
Hotel Mac Rae
$99 + tax standard rooms
Atwater Hotel
$89 + tax standard room
Pavilion Hotel
$99 + tax standard room
The Avalon Hotel
$99 + tax standard room
The Visitors Center on the Green Pleasure Pier is open till 5pm today and can be reached at (310) 510-1520


AVALON FREIGHT SERVICES advises: Due to extreme weather conditions the Catalina Provider will not run to the Island tonight.

CITY OF AVALON advises: Pebbly Beach Road is closed until further notice.


1/22/17- 9:30 am

Following boats have been cancelled:

The Landing to Avalon 8:15 am
Avalon to the Landing 10:10 am
Dana Pt to Avalon 9:50 am
Avalon to Dana Pt 11:50 am
San Pedro to Avalon 9:00 am
Avalon to San Pedro via Two Harbors 10:30 am
San Pedro to Two Harbors via Avalon 9:00 am
Two Harbors to San Pedro 11:30


1/22/17- 10:20 am

Following boats have been cancelled:

The Landing to Avalon 9:50 am
Avalon to the Landing 11:45 am
The Landing to Avalon 12:15 pm
Avalon to the Landing 2:05 pm
San Pedro to Avalon via Two Harbors 2:55 pm
Avalon to San Pedro 5:15 pm
San Pedro to Two Harbors 2:55 pm
Two Harbors to San Pedro via Avalon 4:20 pm
Dana Pt to Avalon 2:30 pm
Avalon to Dana Pt 4:30 pm    
Our Call Center is open and available to take your calls at 310-519-1212.


Year-Round Weather in Avalon, CA

You can enjoy beautiful weather year-round on Catalina Island. Blue skies and crystal clear waters await you. The dress code for the Island is “island casual.” A light sweater or jacket is recommended for cool evenings, as it gets chilly once the sun goes down. You may also appreciate a sweater or light jacket if you venture out on a boat during winter months. If you want to do any hiking, you may want to bring a good pair of sneakers or hiking boots. Don’t forget your swimsuit! The average ocean temperature hovers around 70 degrees in August, making it the warmest ocean water off the coast of California.

The weather on Catalina Island is described as a mild subtropical climate with warm year-round temperatures. The average high temperature during winter months is 63 and the average low temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The average high temperature during summer months hovers around 72 and the average low temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Catalina receives an average of of precipitation a year, over 45 days, with January being the wettest month.

Average highs & lows (in Fahrenheit):

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 63° 63° 63° 64° 66° 68° 71° 72° 72° 70° 67° 63°
Low 50° 51° 52° 55° 58° 61° 64° 65° 64° 60° 54° 49°

Average Ocean Water Temperature

Summer (June-August) 70-75 degrees F
Fall (Sept – Nov) 65-70 degrees F
Winter (Dec. – Feb.) 59-65 degrees F
Spring (March-May) 65-70 degrees F

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