Stay up to date with COVID-19 Information and Closures.

  • Catalina Island is closed to visitors.
  • Find resources for residents.
  • Essential services are open.
  • Hiking trails, beaches and piers are closed due to LA County order.
  • City Hall available Mon-Thu (by appt only), Closed Fridays.
  • Visitor Center available by phone 10 am-12 pm & 1-3 pm or via email.
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Things To Do By Sea

There are a myriad of things to do on the water at Catalina Island. Scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, jet skis, boating, sailing, sport fishing, glass-bottom boat tours, submarine tours, parasailing, swimming and more. If you like water activities, Catalina Island is the perfect getaway.

Catalina’s thriving marine life opens up exciting underwater worlds to divers and snorkelers. If you’d prefer to stay dry, there are also glass-bottom boat tours and submarine tours available which take you right to the action without ever getting wet!


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