Transportation by Private Boat

Boaters will find moorings (but no slips) in Avalon, Two Harbors, and various coves around the Island.  Download a brochure from the Avalon Harbor Department.  Please note the following regulations:

  • All moorings are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Upon arrival, please stand by the harbor entrance for a mooring assignment from the harbor patrol boat.  No moorings are assigned over VHF radio.

  • Avalon is a NO DISCHARGE area.  No sewage may be discharged – treated or not.  This is strictly enforced.  A free Pump-A-Head station is located near the fuel dock, by the Casino Building.  There is a pump-out station located at the main dock in Two Harbors, and a pump-out boat in Catalina Harbor.

  • Service boats make trash pick-ups free of charge daily during the summer months, and in Avalon on weekends in winter months.  Recycling is mandatory.  Trash must be separated by glass, aluminum and plastic from other trash.

  • To ensure a peaceful coexistence, all generators must be secured from 10 pm to 7 am.

  • The anchoring area for Avalon is located outside the breakwater, west of the Casino Building, at least 300′ from moorings and the dive park.  Plan on a depth of 150’.  At all other locations, you may anchor outside mooring areas only.  These are not patrolled and you anchor at your own risk.

Avalon Harbor Department:  24 hour service.  VHF Channels 12 & 16.  310-510-0535
Catalina Mooring Service, Two Harbors:  VHF Channel 9.  310-510-4253
LA County Sheriff’s Dept., Avalon:  310-510-0174
LA County Sheriff’s Dept., Two Harbors:  310-510-0872
US Coast Guard:  VHF Channel 16.  310-521-3600, Emergency: 310-521-3815
LA County Lifeguard/Paramedic Rescue Boat:
  310-510-0586. VHF Channel 16.  Dial 911.

Shore Boats:
  VHF Channel 9.  There is a charge per person each way.
Marine Fuel Dock, Avalon:  Gas, diesel & water.  310-510-0046
Marine Fuel Dock, Two Harbors:  Gas, diesel & water.  310-510-4234
Marine Mechanic:  VHF Channel 16 in Avalon; VHF Channel 9 outside Avalon
Pump Out Station:  Free of charge. Located near the Casino Building
Pump-A-Head Mobil Service:  310-292-1226, VHF Channel 68
Vessel Assist:
  VHF Channel 16.  310-510-1675 or 800-391-4869
Propane:  Pebbly Beach Building Supply in Avalon, Southern California Edison, Pebbly Beach in Avalon & on shore at Two Harbors
Dinghy Docks:  Available throughout Avalon Harbor for dinghies 14′ or smaller.

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