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Catalina UFO Tours

If you are interested UFO’s then take this fun and informative one hour walking tour along the beautiful shores of Avalon and experience what makes Catalina Island a unique place found nowhere else on earth and why it is a UFO hot spot!
• Discover why Catalina is a UFO hot spot and how we fit into the cosmos!
• Find out why Catalina is a rare and unusual place on earth!
• Learn about the amazing Catalina magnetic vortex energy that instantly relaxes visitors and residents!
• Hear about the intriguing and sometimes frightening UFO sightings on and around Catalina Island that have fascinated islanders and visitors for many years!
• Explore Catalina in a way never seen before on this one hour walking tour along the beautiful shores of Avalon, dress comfortably and have some fun!
Catalina UFO Tours

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