First Friday at the Museum - How Prohibition Changed America Drink & Dining Experience

217 Metropole Ave, Avalon, CA 90704

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    This month's First Fridays at the Museum event takes us back to the Prohibition Era. A bit different than our normal programs for First Fridays, the evening offers a unique drink and dining experience writer and food historian Richard Foss. 

    How Prohibition Changed America – Eighty years after it was repealed, there are many misunderstandings about Prohibition, starting with why and when it was enacted. The “noble experiment” had more to do with sexism and hostility to immigrants than alcohol itself. This program gives a sometimes humorous look at why Prohibition was enacted, what America was like before, during, and afterward, the many ways that the law was circumvented, and how that era still affects us today. During the event short pours of several cocktails will be served to show how America’s palate changed over the course of seventy years. 

    First Fridays at the Museum provide an opportunity to explore the museum's galleries, digital theater, open-air plazas and shop in the Museum Store after dark. 

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