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CANCELLED - Avalon Silent Film Showcase

217 Metropole Ave, Avalon, CA 90704

(310) 510-2414

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    Kick off the Avalon Silent Film Showcase during an Opening Night celebration at the museum. The evening will feature a screening of Mud and Sand, a silent short film starring Stan Laurel, followed by a slideshow lecture about the Curse of Valentino's Ring with special guest Laura Macfehin.

    Mud and Sand (1922)

    In this spoof on Rudolph Valentino's Blood and Sand film, Stan Laurel stars as Rhubarb Vaselino who lives in a small village in Spain. He and his friend enter a bullfighting contest and his friend is killed. Rhubarb avenges his friends death by killing three bulls and becomes a local hero along the way. Two years later, while living in Madrid as a national hero, he becomes involved with the temptress Filet de Sol, but his lover finds out. As the last bullfight of the season draws near, he must fight the deadliest bull in all of Spain. But will he survive the scorn of a woman... 

    Composer and pianist Michael Mortilla will provide live musical accompaniment for the film.

    The Curse of Valentino's Ring

    Rudolph Valentino had the world at his fee when the star of the silver screen met an untimely death. But did a mysterious ring and its supposed curse send him sooner to his grave? 

    During this slideshow presentation, Laura Macfehin looks at the legend of the so-called "ring of destiny" and the troubled lives of the people caught in its curse!

    Appetizers will be served. A "Blood and Sand" cocktail, wine, beer, soda and water will be available for purchase. 

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