Stay up to date with COVID-19 Information and Closures.

  • Catalina Island is closed to visitors.
  • Find resources for residents.
  • Essential services are open.
  • Hiking trails, beaches and piers are closed due to LA County order.
  • City Hall available Mon-Thu (by appt only), Closed Fridays.
  • Visitor Center available by phone 10 am-12 pm & 1-3 pm or via email.
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Catalina Island Blog

20 Things To Do For Free

Activities on Catalina Island abound. From parasailing high above the sea to scuba diving below the surface there’s enough to do to fill several vacations. There’s also plenty of things to do on Catalina Island for those on a budget. Read on for 20 free things to do on Catalina Island. Hike:…

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20 Things To Do Under $20

Whether you’re visiting Catalina Island for a day or a week, this island paradise offers a wealth of opportunities to indulge yourself, but it also offers a surprising number of ways to save. If you’re looking to save on your Catalina Island vacation, here are 20 things you can do for less than $20…

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20 Reasons to Love Catalina in 2020

Catalina Island captivates visitors, providing a never-ending love affair with its island environs and inspiring travelers to return again and again. Here are just 20 of the many reasons to love Catalina Island in 2020. Scenery: Surrounded by the sea, Catalina Island boasts some of the most…

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11 Things To Do This Fall on Catalina Island

Summer may be the high season on the island, but fall is just about everyone’s favorite season. With comfortable weather, warm waters and a wide array of events and activities, it’s not hard to see why fall is considered by many to be the best time to visit Catalina. Need convincing? Here are 11…

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11 Reasons to Visit Two Harbors

When most visitors think of Catalina Island, they envision Avalon, with its extensive visitor services and iconic Catalina Casino Building. But Catalina Island attractions can be found elsewhere on the island, including the remote settlement at the island’s isthmus, Two Harbors. Named for the two…

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9 Things to Do on Catalina Island this Summer

Summer and vacation go together like sea and sand – especially when your vacation destination is Santa Catalina Island. While the island is unforgettable any time of the year, it’s summer that made it famous. Ideal weather and warmer water combined with Catalina Island’s dramatic natural scenery…

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11 Ways to Step Lightly on the Island

Catalina Island’s spectacular vistas and crystal-clear waters inspire awe in visitors from around the world. That natural beauty also inspires visitors to reduce their impact on the world around them. If you’re inspired to step a little lighter, here are 11 ways to reduce your impact on the earth…

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William Wrigley, Jr.

A century ago, a man fell in love with an island. That love affair lasted for the rest of his life and became a legacy he passed on to his descendants. Thanks to that enduring passion, a community was fostered, a unique ecosystem was protected and a seaside resort was promoted to the entire country…

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