Generations of vacationers have discovered the secret of Catalina, returning year after year to this Southern California destination until the island feels like a second home. Thanks to its natural beauty and wide array of activities, first-time visitors to Catalina almost always return. Here are seven things every first-time visitor to Catalina Island […]

  Catalina’s underwater world has been attracting explorers for more than 100 years and it’s not hard to see why. A thriving eco-system that teems with marine life rewards underwater explorers who venture beneath the surface. Here are eight things you should know about Catalina’s underwater world. It’s beautiful down there. As soon as visitors […]

Nine things to do Catalina Island this summer Stand-up paddleboard – The waters on the calm, sheltered front side of the island are ideal for trying out this popular sport. Several companies rent paddleboards as well as kayaks, pedal boats and more. Explore underwater – Catalina Island is widely considered one of the best spots […]

We hate to break this to you, but dad really doesn’t want another tie for Father’s Day. What he’d really like is the promise of spending some time with you. This Father’s Day make dad happy with plans for a Catalina family vacation. Here are our nine favorite things to do on Catalina Island with […]

For many travelers, it’s not a great vacation without great places to eat. Trying new foods, experiencing new versions of old favorites and dining in fascinating new locations are all part of the fun of travel. Restaurants on Santa Catalina Island offer diners a buffet of possibilities to explore. Here are nine tips that will make your […]

Santa Catalina Island’s future as a vacation destination was first envisioned in the late 1880s by George Shatto, who owned the island at the time. The developer mapped out the streets of what he proposed calling Shatto — but was luckily convinced by his sister-in-law to name Avalon. Since then, the island’s subsequent owners have […]

Each year, thousands of visitors experience Catalina for the first-time. This Island paradise takes lifetime to explore all of its secrets, but there are a few things you should know before you arrive. [subhead] 11 Things You Should Know Before Your First Visit to Catalina Island Avalon is just small part of the Island – […]

Any time is the best time to take – or send – your favorite mom to Catalina Island for a getaway. This charming seaside paradise is a perfect destination for those looking to spend some time with their favorite mom, whether it’s the one who raised you, the one who’s raising your kids with you […]

Surrounded by crystal clear waters and home to dramatic, rugged terrain, it’s no surprise that Santa Catalina has become a mecca for thrill seekers. Things to do on Catalina include adrenalin-pumping adventures by land, sea and air. Here are our top 11 thrilling outdoor adventures on the island Get out of town for the ultimate […]

For many travelers, selfies are an integral part of the vacation experience, spotlighting a destination’s attractions and adding a personal touch to the adventure of travel. Here are our top nine spots to take a selfie on Catalina Island On Old Ben – At the end of the 19th century, Catalina Island was home to […]

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