Catalina Island Facts Whether you live here or visit here, Catalina Island takes a lifetime to explore. Its history, culture and natural environment are a deep well of discovery, offering new insights and adventures on a regular basis. To get you started, here are nine facts every Catalina Island visitor should know. Catalina Island is […]

Catalina Island Travel Tips For more than 100 years, Southern California’s only island destination has offered the siren song of an ideal vacation for couples and families alike. With a wide array of options Catalina Island has long been a getaway for everyone, whether they are looking to save their budget or have never worried […]

A business meeting on an island sounds remarkable, doesn’t it? This fantasy can easily become reality when you plan a Catalina Island meeting. Here are nine reasons why you should hold your next meeting on Catalina Island. It’s close. Santa Catalina Island is only 26 miles from Southern California. The Catalina ferry takes just about […]

Thanks to a combination of creative marketing, clever song lyrics and – most of all — genuine ambiance, Catalina Island’s reputation as the Island of Romance is assured. First kisses and summer romances help cement that reputation, along with engagements, weddings and honeymoons. What Catalina Island is also known for – particularly in the fall […]

With about 10,000 years of human history, Catalina Island offers a fascinating glimpse into the past, providing history fans with a unique opportunity to learn more about everything from native culture to pop culture. No history lover’s visit to the island is complete without a stop at the Catalina Island Museum, where those many millennia […]

Wine lovers rejoice! September is California Wine Month and the Golden State’s favorite island destination has plenty of ways to celebrate. Here are seven things to do on Catalina Island during wine month. Act fast to take part in the Catalina Island Women’s Forum Wine Festival, set for Saturday, Sept. 15. This beach-side festival is […]

As summer’s frantic pace begins to fade, fall on Catalina Island offers a relaxing respite, replete with great weather, unique adventures and fascinating things to do. Read on for seven things to do on Catalina Island this fall. Live music: This fall, live music on Catalina Island is springing up all over. From smooth jazz […]

While you can spot Catalina Island on a clear day from nearly any west-facing Southern California beach, hillside or skyscraper, there are plenty of other places to feel the island’s influence. Here are 9 places to find Catalina when you’re not on Catalina. In song – The most famous Catalina song is the Four Preps […]

It’s not many vacations that begin before you arrive. Whether trapped in traffic or facing the myriad frustrations of modern air travel, most vacations don’t start until you get there. That’s not the case when it comes to getting to Catalina Island. With welcoming ocean breezes, expansive views of the Pacific and the anticipation of […]

Whether you’re about to visit, just visited or are still here, there’s a lot to know about this Southern California destination. Here are 15 things about Catalina Island that often make visitors wonder. How much does it cost to live there? Like life everywhere, housing is the biggest expense when factoring the cost of living. […]

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