Catalina Island’s picturesque waterfronts are a lot more scenic thanks to the boats bobbing peacefully in the harbors. A relatively easy crossing, beautiful coves and Catalina’s many amenities have made this resort island the most popular recreational boating destination in Southern California. Each year avid boat enthusiasts arrive on Catalina Island via private boat. These […]

There’s nowhere else on earth like Catalina Island for the Fourth of July. Festooned with red, white and blue and overflowing with patriotic pride, Catalina’s celebrations combine the best of small town charm with the unique environment of Southern California’s only island resort destination. Catalina Island’s Independence Day festivities actually begin the weekend before at […]

Summer vacation. The two words alone are enough to bring a smile to your face and a spring to your step. Since the turn of the last century, a summer vacation on Catalina Island has been a time and a place for families to relax, couples to reconnect and the stresses of every day to […]

Yum. That’s one of the most common things heard in Catalina Island restaurants. Catalina island offers dozens of restaurants, bars, burger stands and pizza joints – all of which are sure to please your palate, tempt your taste buds and make “yum” heard often on your vacation. Getting Tasty on Catalina Island One of the […]

Long before Catalina Island became the Island of Romance, it was a destination for families eager to reconnect and spend quality time exploring somewhere new. Since the turn of the last century, this Southern California vacation destination has brought families closer together and created childhood memories that last a lifetime. Combining that heritage of family […]

When planning a family vacation or deciding on a fun activity while on Catalina Island, how do parents keep everyone happy and having fun, from 10-year-old Charlotte to 16 -year-old Brendan.  It’s not as easy as it seems to find affordable family activities that will appeal to everyone—parents, teenagers and younger kids.  What’s a parent […]

One of the exciting things about the many Catalina Island activities available to visitors is that there is something for everyone. Whether your interests lies in diving the island to see all the wonderful marine life, ship wrecks, and beautiful underwater world, or in browsing the shops and businesses along the shore, Catalina Island has […]

Below we have created a list of some great things to do on Catalina Island on your next visit. This list is designed to give you some quick ideas of what you can do on a weekend at Catalina. With literally hundreds of fun and exciting things to do on Catalina Island, the list we […]

Catalina Island diving abilities range from easy to advanced. There are several locations around Catalina Island for diving including: Casino Point Dive Park, Ship Rock, Farnsworth Banks, Lover’s Cove, Long Point, Blue Caverns, Yellowtail Point, Bird Rock, and Sea Fan Grotto. Divers around Catalina Island can expect to see abundant marine life in all forms […]

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