You need a vacation. We can say that without fear of being wrong thanks to the alarming statistic that employees in the United States leave 705 million vacation days unused every year. That’s a tragedy that we can all do something about – starting with planning your next vacation. We’re here to help with 7 […]

If you find yourself visiting Catalina Island during a rare rainy day, you’ll find plenty of things to do! We’ve put together a list of activities to keep your day full of fun. Visit the Catalina Island Museum on Metropole Avenue and learn about Catalina’s fascinating history. Tour the world famous Catalina Casino. Tickets available at the […]

Thanks to its proximity and convenience, Catalina Island has become a popular destination for meetings, corporate events and executive retreats. An assortment of event venues on Catalina Island are available for all sizes of groups and meetings, creating the perfect environment for a professional destination getaway. Even if the main goal for your Catalina Island […]

Once the planning is done and the reservations are made for your first trip to Catalina Island, it’s time to start thinking about what to pack. In addition to the basics, we’ve put together a few tips to help make your packing easier. Five things you should pack on your first trip to Catalina Island […]

As 2018 comes to a close, people everywhere are making resolutions for the year ahead. On Catalina Island, 2019 will hold adventure, relaxation and an escape from the everyday only possible on this compelling island. 2019 Catalina Island Bucket List Catalina Island will offer plenty of new experiences in 2019 and your bucket list should […]

Catalina Island for everyone on your Christmas list! As the season of giving reaches a crescendo, Catalina Island beckons, promising a relaxing retreat from the mainland holiday madness. It also promises a solution for last-minute gift giving. No matter what the season, here are our favorite ways to give the gift of Catalina Island. Give […]

The news is in! Gratitude lists are an effective way to change your perspective and change your life. To get you started, here are 11 things we’re grateful for on Catalina Island. The island keeps getting greener. Catalina Island is working hard toward a greener tomorrow. In Avalon, the island’s only city, the City Council […]

Catalina Island Facts Whether you live here or visit here, Catalina Island takes a lifetime to explore. Its history, culture and natural environment are a deep well of discovery, offering new insights and adventures on a regular basis. To get you started, here are nine facts every Catalina Island visitor should know. Catalina Island is […]

Catalina Island Travel Tips For more than 100 years, Southern California’s only island destination has offered the siren song of an ideal vacation for couples and families alike. With a wide array of options Catalina Island has long been a getaway for everyone, whether they are looking to save their budget or have never worried […]

A business meeting on an island sounds remarkable, doesn’t it? This fantasy can easily become reality when you plan a Catalina Island meeting. Here are nine reasons why you should hold your next meeting on Catalina Island. It’s close. Santa Catalina Island is only 26 miles from Southern California. The Catalina ferry takes just about […]

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