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Wondering where to find the best cup of clam chowder on the island? Or perhaps you are after the best place to track down Catalina’s elusive bison? Lina has all the answers you are looking for, she’s a local with a lifetime of experience and she’ll get you pointed in the right direction. Ask away or surf her most popular answers below!

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Q: What is there to do on the Island?

A: A wide variety of land and see based activities – from cultural to adventure- are available on the Island. There’s something for everyone! For more information, please visit

Q: When is the best time to travel to the Island?

A: All four seasons offer their own appeal for travel to the Island. Spring offers exciting events and beautiful weather. The summer season is the busiest, with warm sea conditions that invite a wide variety of water activities. Fall is known as the “secret season” among locals – the temperature is still warm, but the crowds are gone. Winter is the quietest time of year on the Island – a great opportunity to get away from it all.

Q: Should I fly into LAX or Long Beach?

A: Long Beach is the closest airport to the most Island departures, while LAX offers access to the area via a greater number of airlines and flights. John Wayne Airport (Orange County) offers a third option.

Q: What types of tours are offered?

A: A wide variety of land and sea tours are offered. For more information, see all of the things to do.

Q: How can I move there?

A: Housing on the Island is very limited. There is a 15 year + waiting list for a full size vehicle. For information on current employment opportunities, please view current employment opportunities. For a list of local realtors, please view our list here.

Q: How do I get to Two Harbors from Avalon?

A: Access from Two Harbors to Avalon – and vice versa – is limited. The Safari Bus runs daily between both destinations. The trip is approximately 2 hours each way. Other access is via private or chartered boat. Transportation is also available via taxi.

Q: How do I find out more about camping?

A: For more information on camping, please visit

Q: Is there public transportation on the Island?

A: Public transportation is available in Avalon through the City’s Garibaldi Bus. Busses run approximately every 20 minutes on a fixed route. The fare is $2 per person, per ride (children under 5 are free). For more information, pick up a schedule at our Visitor’s Center on the Green Pier.

Q: Where can I access WiFi?

A: WiFi is available through CatalinaWifi, starting at .99 cents per day, based on the package purchased. Additionally, most hotels provide WiFi for paying guests. Complimentary wired internet access is available at the Avalon Library.

Q: How much are hotels on the Island?

A: Accommodations on the Island are available at a wide variety of price points. Rates vary by season. For more information, you can view where to stay here.

Q: What is the water/drought situation?

A: Catalina Island is currently in Stage 1 water conservation. Southern California Edison is encouraging all residents, businesses and visitors to the island to continue their great conservation efforts. Please help us be “water wise”.

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