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Catalina Air Show


2013 Catalina Air Show
(September 2013)  The City of Avalon has granted the Scheyden Catalina Air Show a permit to reschedule the event, October 26 & 27 of this year. With the same line-up of performers and with the title and local sponsor remaining, organizers promise an outstanding show next month.
“We couldn’t be more pleased,” said show coordinator Dan Teckenoff. “The town’s people rallied behind us and the performers are ready and willing. They want to make Catalina the best little air show in the country. With more time, an open shoulder weekend, we will be able to fill up those empty hotel rooms.”
A Blériot XI aircraft will be on static display on Front Street. The vintage aircraft was seen in the movie "Amelia". It was the first to fly the English Channel in 1909. The replica was built by the Preston family in 2009, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Channel crossing. Eric and Debbie Preston, their sons Curtis and Ben, 12 and 11 at the time, built the aircraft in 26 days from the cutting of the first tube to the test flight.Eric Preston had flown a different Blériot in the movie "Amelia" and liked it so much he wanted to one for himself.
Other performers include the Red Bull Helicopter, piloted by Chuck Aaron, will prove that helicopters can fly upside down. He was recently inducted into “Legends of Aviation”, by John Travolta. 
“Anchoring the event will be the Row 44 Grumman Albatross flying in and mooring in Avalon Harbor. Also flying in the show will be Melissa Penderton. She is one of eleven pilots, representing the USA in the World Aerobatic Competitions later this year. Team Rocket and Jon Melby, both from Canada, join last year’s performers Super Dave Mathieson, John Collver and Clay Lacy. We even have a P-51 Mustang honoring us this year,” said Teckenoff. 
“The Scheyden Catalina Air Show will be bigger and better than ever,” said Teckenoff. Make your reservations early. Go to www.catalinaairshow.com for more information.


Catalina tile, now a collectors item, was originally produced from mud on the island from 1927 - 1937.