Catalina Island Accommodations

Catalina Island offers the overnight visitor everything from tent-site camping to cozy beachfront hotels and bed and breakfasts, from family-friendly inns to well-appointed condos, from charming cottage vacation rentals to an elegant 4-star country inn.  Whatever your budget, Catalina has a place for you to relax and rejuvenate.

HOTEL PROFILE:  A comparison of the amenities of many (but not all) of Catalina Island's  lodging facilities (2-page PDF file).

PLEASE NOTE:  Minor children are not permitted to occupy a hotel room or other lodging unit unless accompanied by his/her parent; by the parent of another person; by a member of the school faculty when the stay is by reason of a school sponsored activity; by an adult member of an established organization or club which is sponsoring the trip; by his or her spouse over eighteen (18) years of age.  (Avalon Municipal Code).

Buffalo roam the interior of the island. They were brought here in 1924 as "extras" for a movie.