Free Concerts 2016

Catalina Island  Concert Series – 2016

FREE Family Friendly Concerts on Wrigley Plaza Stage
The Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce and Xceptional Music Company are pleased to present this free, family friendly  Concert Series, next to the Bay on Wrigley Plaza Stage.  A Beer & Wine Garden will be available at all concerts.

2016 Concert Series Schedule

Saturday, 3/19 – Emerald Isle Concert featuring the Humble Hooligans, 5-10pm

Saturday, 4/23 – Roadhouse Rock with Clay and Sergio, 7-10pm
Roadhouse Rock blends music from Country and Contemporary Rock, ranging from Johnny Cash and Lynyrd Skynyrd to artists like the Eagles, Zac Brown, and Jimmy Buffet.  The band has, in fact, shared the stage with Zac Brown, as well as band members from the Grateful Dead, Floggin’ Molly, and Nicklecreek. The beer and wine garden opens at 6pm.

Saturday, 5/7 – Con Todo featuring Mariela, 6-10pm

Saturday, 6/18 – Cougrzz Rock, 8-10pm

Thursday, 6/23 – The Avalon Musician Review featuring the Catalina All-Stars, 6-10pm

Saturday, 7/23 – The Xceptional Tribute to The Stones, time TBA

Saturday, 8/27 – The Xceptional Tribute to ABBA, 8-10pm

Saturday, 9/10 –  Ukulele Festival featuring Taimane Gardner, time TBA

Sunday, 9/17 – The Xceptional Blues & Jazz Ensemble, time TBA




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