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Wrigley Stage & Street Performers on Catalina

The City of Avalon regulates the use of Wrigley Stage on Crescent Avenue and has an ordinance pertaining to street performances on public streets within the City.  

The use of Wrigley Stage requires a permit issued by the City of Avalon.  The Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce coordinates permit requests and submits them to the City for approval.  Wrigley Stage Permit Applications must be received at least three (3) weeks prior to the requested use date. Download the permit package below:

In May 2012, the City of Avalon updated is ordinance regarding street performances.  Download a copy of the updated ordinance below:

For additional information, call the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce at 310-510-7645.

Buffalo roam the interior of the island. They were brought here in 1924 as "extras" for a movie.